Heather Evans

Heather Evans

Senior Advisor, Advanced Technologies (AI/Quantum), Ontario Ministry of Economic Development and Growth

Heather is an entrepreneur turned bureaucrat (for now). She currently works for the Province of Ontario as a Senior Advisor in Advanced Technologies for the Ministry of Economic Development and Growth/Ministry of Research Innovation and Science. Specifically, she focuses on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Quantum Technologies.

Prior to joining the public sector, Heather cofounded a deep learning automatic speech recognition company, Spreza (now transitioning to open source) and a 3D printing technology company, Mosaic Manufacturing (still in operation, see more at mosaicmanufacturing.com). She holds a business degree from Queen’s Commerce and is an alumnus of Canada’s top entrepreneurial program for recent graduates, the Next36.

In addition to startups and technology, Heather loves to travel and represent Canada abroad. She recently led the Canadian delegation at the Y7 (analogous to the G7) Summit in Rome, which focused on digitalization and innovation.Heather has also had the opportunity to represent Canada at international events in Germany, Switzerland and the United States and has attended the UN Youth Assembly.
She is passionate about discussing and discovering the best ways to prepare for the future of work, and to raise awareness and understanding of technological advances.

Panel: How Will AI, Machine Learning and Quantum Computing Shape the Future?

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Produced in partnership with Synced, this panel will explore the most pressing questions for artificial intelligence and quantum computing, including applications in various industries, global perspectives and what are the most funded ventures today. Perspectives from the private and public sector are considered in how to make Canada a world-class AI hub. Moderator: Heather Evans

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