Gavin (Weiguang) Ding

Gavin (Weiguang) Ding

Machine Learning Researcher, RBC Research Institute

Gavin Ding is a Machine Learning Researcher at RBC Research Toronto, with a focus on reinforcement learning.
Before joining RBC, he was an Artificial Intelligence Researcher at Kindred AI, where he worked on robotics and machine learning. Prior to Kindred, he was a research scientist at University of Guelph working on deep learning and representation learning. He completed his thesis in medical image analysis and Master of Applied Science degree at Simon Fraser University.
RBC Research is a research lab that provides leading scholars in Machine Learning with the environment, resources, and vision to conduct world-class research. Our pillars say it all:
  • Academic Freedom: Our researchers are in the driver’s seat. They are not merely handed projects to complete; rather, they are empowered to steer their research wherever they see where it could produce the greatest impact. Our group aims to publish our work in top-tier academic conferences and journals as well as collaborate with top academic groups openly and transparently.
  • Data: The backbone of every machine learning system is data. We are fortunate to have access to massive datasets from decades of real market data (structured and unstructured), which can be used for NLP, deep learning, reinforcement learning, and others.
  • Impact: Our researchers work on developing resources that will be used by millions of people globally. Financial services are at the intersection of many aspects of our lives. Predictions and bets on the future of banking are common these days. We don’t make bets. We are shaping the future of money directly.

Panel: How Will AI, Machine Learning and Quantum Computing Shape the Future?

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Produced in partnership with Synced, this panel will explore the most pressing questions for artificial intelligence and quantum computing, including applications in various industries, global perspectives and what are the most funded ventures today. Perspectives from the private and public sector are considered in how to make Canada a world-class AI hub. Moderator: Heather Evans

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