Chain Zhang

Chain Zhang

Co-founding Partner, Synced

Chain Zhang, Co-founding Partner and VP Global Affairs of Synced. Principled to professional, authoritative, and thought-provoking content, Synced is the industry’s most influential media in China now. Focusing on the news and analysis of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Intelligence and related technologies, Synced is recognized by its over-500,000 readers and numerous industry partners around the globe. Synced fills the gap in China’s technology media scene, and has made it one of the global Machine Intelligence community.
In addition to media profession, Synced provides services to the industry of Machine Intelligence, including financial advisory, industrial agglomeration, globalization strategy, and talent recruitment. Backed by Comet Labs, TouTiao, Source Code Capital, iFLYTEK and MorningSide VC, Synced has formed an integrated model with its media, incubator, investment and a data platform services.

Panel: How Will AI, Machine Learning and Quantum Computing Shape the Future?

Trading Floor

Produced in partnership with Synced, this panel will explore the most pressing questions for artificial intelligence and quantum computing, including applications in various industries, global perspectives and what are the most funded ventures today. Perspectives from the private and public sector are considered in how to make Canada a world-class AI hub. Moderator: Heather Evans

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